So I have been to Wodapalooza in Miami. Yes, that happened for me at the beginning of 2019. ME! EDDIE, In Wodapalooza! One of the events on the planet Earth that brings together the very best CrossFit athletes from all over the world. OK I went as a bag carrier, but that’s a minor detail.

Nadia, our superstar athlete and coach from CrossFit Hammersmith and CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush was invited by Rob Orlando to take part on the very first Strongman competition in Wodapalooza.  If you don’t know who Rob Orlando is Daine may not speak to you ever again and PJ may cancel your membership.  He also has the best video ever for anyone who has ever had to suffer on a fan bike, click here.

Nadia had a brilliant performance finishing in 5th place overall, and with two event wins which was a surprise for a lot of people, but not for me because I think she is the best. However, I want to take this opportunity to share with you what a great event Wodapalooza is and that so many other event organisers could learn from them.

As we get in the venue the first thing that comes into my mind is that Wodapalooza looks like a City of Fitness. It’s like the Glastonbury of the CrossFit world.  The amount of stands with different products is unbelievable, and there is literally nothing you can’t find there that is CrossFit, Strongman or Weightlifting related. As we wander through the venue one of the coolest things that stand out is that there was 2 spectator “boxes”. There was one Box running classes where you could look at the program for the day and book a session to join and on the other side of the venue there was another space running an “open box” all day long. And this was for the spectators! Small comment here to say that as a spectator in Wodapalooza you get better treatment than as an athlete in some competitions that I have been to where warm up areas are, let’s say, modest.

When we thought that we had seen all the different brands and stands we find a pavilion filled with more stands. There was a CrossFit representation office/stand, different companies offering seminars (we found Jason Khalipa who was repeating the NC Fit seminar that PJ and myself did in 2018 and he naturally remembered me), an Axe throw challenge/competition and a massage centre.  The place was just massive.

Now as for the actual Fitness competitions we could see straight away on the first day the main stage where the CrossFit Wodapalooza event would take part.  Next to it another competition area with a different set up for different events, the Strongman stage (where Nadia did an amazing job) and by the sea a big weightlifting platform where the Wodapalooza WL faceoff was taking place. We had a chance to witness as well the Wodapalooza Gauntlet where athletes complete 5 workouts (a 1 RM test ,  Clean and Jerk plus bike cals, Annie, DB snatch plus burpees and finally Deadlifts, Cleans, STOH plus rope climbs) back to back within a 60 min window. Sounds horrible?

Of course it was also a chance to see all the CrossFit stars in action like Patrick Vellner, Noah Ohlsen, Tia Toomey, Kari Pearce, Kristin Holt and Sara Sigmundsdottir among others.

Nadia and myself had a great time not only in WZA but exploring Miami, visiting some night attractions (we always felt safe, so no need to have a Frank Farmer), art galleries and South Beach. So if you are a CrossFit fan thinking about mixing some Fitness and holidays I definitely recommend a trip to Wodapalooza Miami. If you go let us know because if Nadia keeps improving like she has been, she might be there again next year!