Susie’s journey with Tribe

Susie is a wife, a mother, and an athlete.

Going through the menopause, the personal training sessions with Nádia have focused on getting her stronger and healthier over the last 5 years. She decided to start one-on-one sessions to get fit and to have the training tailored to her life and her fitness levels. 

Training with Coach Nádia “I’m really happy because I’ve been kept engaged with fitness for much longer than I would have done. I’d have lost interest and motivation and it kept me motivated and engaged with exercise.  For the last five years I’ve been doing CrossFit or personal training, or some sort of a combination.” 

Susie normally trains at the start of the day, and finds training is the perfect reason to get out of bed. In her own words “It’s good for my physical health and has also been good for my mental health, especially during the last few years. I’ve had a few challenges from lockdown and work, and it helps me manage stress. I have a busy life, and being fit is really important, especially as I’m getting older.

Going through the menopause, and that’s actually helping deal with those issues in a way, building strength, and combating old age.

Coach Nádia is, not only able to keep her motivated, but she also challenges Susie to persue her best version of herself. “She’s great fun to hang out with like a friend and, you know, and she doesn’t just train me, she trains my kids, you know, so actually, she’s like a family PT.” Over the last few years, Susie was able to influence her kids and husband to start their fitness journey as well. Nowadays, the whole family keeps the training as part of their daily routine. We were not only able to improve her physical performance, we did so for the whole family.  What more could you want from a Trainer?


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