Silence is acceptance

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Black Lives Matter


It’s 2020 and that is something that has to be stated, fought for and argued over, not taken as an obvious statement of fact?  How can that be?

I’ve been staying off the news and social media for a while, and my biggest concern this week has been about how to get people exercising outside.   Pretty much shows how privileged I am.  I’m writing this with no concept of what it is like to be judged by the colour of my skin.   Normally I’d try and say something funny here, or self-deprecating and move on, but that can’t be this blog.

I’m writing this while currently having an argument on the UK CrossFit Affiliate Owners page on why CrossFit hasn’t come out and said something unequivocal on the matter.  Evidently some owners believe that because CrossFit has done charity work in Kenya, they are above reproach, and don’t need to come out and make a statement on the current situation.  I couldn’t disagree more.  The UKs affiliate manager has actually been great, and pointed me to some posts from the CrossFit Games and from Pat Sherwood, as well as to a post from CrossFit recently.  That’s all well and good, but it’s not enough from CrossFit.

We are a CrossFit gym, but we are not CrossFit HQ.  Let me be clear when I say racism has no place in the world, and we need to come together to end injustice.  Black Lives Matter. I firmly believe this is a statement that every member of Tribe believes in whole heartedly.  One of our values is:

Family – For us this means – Love, care for, accept, and support other unconditionally

How can I say this is one of our values if I don’t say something?  If I don’t write this blog?  Do I know what to say? Or have the right answers?  Not at all.  Do I live our value of family if I say nothing?  Not a chance.  If I say nothing, then it’s just bullshit words that are meant to look good but serve no purpose.  I’ve thought more about this blog, and yet written it more slowly than anything else I’ve written.

We have an opportunity to show we are a Tribe, that it’s more than just a name to us. We have to ask tough questions, but more than that we have to listen. We have to educate ourselves. We have to step outside of our bubble and not take things personally.

We stand in solidarity with the black community and those fighting for justice.  So many people are hurting right now. So many people are angry right now.  And they have been for far too long.  My voice matters.  Your voice matters.  Our voice matters.  We have a responsibility to use it.

Use it wisely.  Be kind.  Love.