Myths and Questions

By PJ Cavalli

CrossFit is a cult

People who like CrossFit love CrossFit, and I mean really love CrossFit!  The polite way to put it is we like to tell our friends and family about it, and we do like to spread the word.   The not so polite way would be that we don’t shut up, and talk 24/7 CrossFit to anyone and everyone, whether they want to listen to or not.  It’s just that good.

At Tribe it’s all about our community.  We train together, we most definitely sweat together, and sometimes depending on how evil Eddie is being, we suffer together.  We do also enjoy each other’s company outside of the gym.  We love a beer and some food together, a CrossFit pub quiz together and any opportunity for a social together.  If that makes it a cult, we’re happy to be in it.

CrossFit is not for girls

At both Tribe Hammersmith and Tribe Shepherd’s Bush our membership base is very close to 50/50.  Thankfully it’s not only accepted now that women can lift weights, they can excel at it and love doing it.  You get to work out with your friends and get the body you want while doing it.  What’s not to love? 

Instead of taking it from me, why don’t you have a look at what some of our incredible members do, and have to say on the matter. 

CrossFit is for fit people

No. No. NO!  This is one that we hear far too much for our liking.  People think they need to get stronger, fitter, lose weight, get a pull up or all sorts of preconceived ideas of what they should do before they join.  CrossFit is one of the best ways of getting you fit.  Everything we do can be scaled and tailored to you. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the best shape of your lives, or if you haven’t done anything since your school days.  CrossFit will get you to where you want to be far sooner than anything else will.

CrossFit is dangerous

At Tribe, safety is paramount.  Nobody is pushed beyond their ability, and we’re more than happy to rein you in when you get excited and try to do too much.  Before joining we have you in on a 1-2-1 basis with one of our coaches to take you through the basics, and ensure you are ready to join our classes.  

Can people get injured doing CrossFit? Yes, of course they can but with good coaching and sensible programming injury occurrence is less than most other activities, including running and triathlon.


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