What brought you to Tribe in the first place?

My fiancée Olivia discovered Tribe back in March this year and we had discussed about finally getting off the couch for a long time already. So she got into contact with Jessi and organised our trial session. I guess without Olivia’s initiative I would still be sitting on that couch today.


What was your first impression? How has it changed?

My first impression was that Leo had an awful lot of patience with me (burpees were not my thing back then). Leo gave Olivia and me a nice and rounded trial session which motivated us to sign up and give it a try with going twice per week to CrossFit. Since then (early April) my impression of Tribe has only improved. The trainers are very friendly and helpful, ensuring that you get a good workout while staying safe and having fun – if sweating and almost dying can count as fun. And over the praise for the trainers, I almost forgot to mention the other members of CrossFit. Thanks to them, every class has a nice atmosphere and every level of fitness is welcomed which helped me especially at the beginning when I was struggling with the WODs – which to be honest I still am. I never have the feeling that someone is judging me, rather on the contrary, I received a lot of help from other members which has helped with improving.


What was your first achievement/bright spot?

Dieter Story crossfit tribe hammersmith shepherds bush improvingMy first real achievement was at the end of the Nutrition  Challenge when Daine told me that I had lost around 5kg and 3% body fat while gaining almost 2% in muscle mass. It proved to me that all the work I had put into training and changing my nutrition paid off after all. Louise, Mark and Daine  truly a great help during those four weeks of the challenge and gave great advice on how to stay on track.


What are you working on now?

Right now I am focusing on improving my squatting – especially pushing those knees outward – in the hopes that Mark, Daine, Nadia and Leo do not have to correct me all the time anymore. And I have not given up on my goal of finally being able to perform a kipping pull up.


Favourite memory/proudest moment?

Dieter Story crossfit tribe hammersmith shepherds bush improvingWhen I finally managed a ring muscle up (mind you, not from a hanging position but jumping off the ground). I had tried it for weeks and I just could not hold myself up on those rings. Another nice memory is my first RX WOD which I just achieved this week. I have been training now for three and a half months and I was always in awe of these RX figures up on the white board. Though my number for that RX WOD was by far not the best, it still felt great finally having taken on an RX level, improving and surviving it to the end.