5 x 2 snatch balance


4 x 1 snatch from hips + 1 hang snatch PL


5 x 1 Snatch 2” pause at knee (80% max)



CrossFit Hammersmith

10 Min AMRAP

3 power snatch 60/42,5

6 HSPU with deficit

every 2 min 15 Box jump


Eddie 10&8

Gear 2

Notes: take your time on the box jumps to make sure you keep your heart rate down and you can pick up the bar or move to the HSPU straight away. The barbell has to be done TG so chose the load wisely. For the HSPU ignore the deficit if you have break those 6 reps.


CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush

10 Min AMRAP

3 power snatch 60/42,5

6 HSPU with deficit

every 2 min 200 m run



Gear 2 workout


Nice and easy on the run so you can get back in and move on those HSPU and snatch without rest in between. For the HSPU use a set up that you can do the 6 reps unbroken. For the snatch unbroken or really fast singles.


Great one to start the week




Warm up:


10 scapular shrug in pull up bar + 15” hold

6 thrusters with empty bar with 2” pause at power position on way up

2 lengths spiderman walk

Strength / Skill:

Strict Pull up week 3/4

5 rounds

Max strict pull up unbroken with:

3” pause on top and 3” pause on bottom


No strict pull up

Max pulls under a bar with 3” pause on top




5 negative pull ups with 3” pause on top and 4” count on way down



10 RFT

3 hang clean 60/42,5

3 push jerk

3 thruster


Fofis 7:50

14 Min TC

Gear 2 workout


Ideally do the rounds unbroken and have a small break in between rounds. First rounds should be easy and starts to get spicy after round 5 or 6. Once you reach those, stay with your plan and do not rest more that what you were resting in the beginning of the WOD. Fofis loved this one



Warm up

1 wall walk

2 lengths of inch worm

1 wall walk

2 lengths of crab walk


Handstand week 7/8

5 rounds of plate walk drill (using a 5 kg plate)



For Time

50 wall ball 9/7

50 alt DB snatch 22,5/15

50 sit ups

50 wall ball

50 KB swing 24/16

50 HR push ups

50 wall balls


Gear 2 workout

Nadia 14:20

20 Min TC


Use smaller numbers on the movements you feel you may get stuck. You can do only 40 wall balls and there is nothing wrong with it. Some movements you may push to do them in one go like the sit ups. Others breaks in 2 or a max of 3 sets. For the push ups make sure you break them in sets of smaller reps as usually this is where most of us get stuck.

Who asked for a chipper?



Warm up

5 min

30” DU practice

30” rest

followed by

1 round

45” pigeon stretch each leg

10 shin box transition

10 Goblet squat with 2” pause (light KB)


Front squat 3/6


5×5 with 3” pause at bottom

(use a load a lot lighter than what you would you use for a 5×5 )



Burpee to pull up bar

Pull up

After each round complete 20 DU


16 Min TC

Eddie 10:10

Gear 2/ 3 workout


Ideally do all the pull ups unbroken. If you need to break them make sure that it is only until round 8 or 7 and must be with a very short break. Move with a nice pace on the burpees and the 20 DU only impacts the WOD in the last 3 or 4 rounds as you will feel that you are always doing DU once you get there. Small rest in between movements.

My favourite.



Warm up


5 strict press

5 heave

5 push press

20” hollow


Push press week 2/4

to find a 5 RM at the end of the 4 weeks

2 x 10

2 x 5

2 x 3 AHAP



CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush

2000m row.

10 Min TC

(while 4 complete the 2 k the other 4 have a mobility circuit to do)


If you have done this before you know what you are getting yourself into. If you have not done this before break it down in your head in 4 x 500 metres. First couple of 500 you are fresh and you will be able to push. Manage the third one, when you hit the 1000m mark. And survive the last 500… Everyone loves a 2 k


CrossFit Hammersmith

For max reps


2 rounds

Min 1 – max cal

Min 2 – max stone over shoulder 50/30

Min 3 – max TTB

Min 4 – Max alt OH lunge with 1 DB (alternate arm every 5 reps)

(in 2 min window, so 1.30 work, and 30” rest)


Play your strengths and avoid burning out on those calories. Do not get stuck on the TTB or stone over shoulder, so please use movements and load that allow to keep the intensity up.




4 Rounds

10 Barbell good mornings (light load)

8 barbell ab roll out

45” active hang on pull up bar (or accumulate 45”)


WOD RETEST from 04/01/2019

10 RFT

3 clean 80/55

6 slam ball 15/10

9 wall ball 12/9


16 min TC

Eddie 10:10

Gear 2 WOD