Warm up:


30” Pigeon stretch each leg

10 shin box transitions with 2/3 “ pause each side

45” thoracic stretch with roller


Front Squat week 1/6

5×5 (do not exceed 80%)


5/4/3/2/1 Clean and Jerk 70/50

10/8/6/4/2 Burpee

10/8/6/4/2 TTB

Cash out 200 DU


Fofis: TBC




Warm up:


2 lengths inch worm

40 “ Table stretch

Kick up against HSPU board and 30” hold

Strength / Skill:

Handstand week 5/8


5 rounds

1 wall walk + 8 head taps

walk down

1 wall walk + 8 shoulder taps

walk down


4 rounds

1 wall walk + 8 head taps

walk down

1 wall walk + 8 shoulder taps

walk down


CrossFit Hammersmith

12 min AMRAP

5 stone over shoulder 30/50

12 weighted sit ups (1 DB on chest 15/7,5 kg)

5 stone over shoulder

12 lunges 15/7,5 (hold 2 DBs as you want )


Make sure that the D ball you are using does not get you stuck on the movement. You need to be comfortable enough with the movement so you get it done quite quickly. For the sit up one DB only and today it has to be touching the chest at all times.  For the lunges 2 DBs and you can hold them as you want.

Have fun


CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush

3 rounds for max Row Cals

2 min – 300 m run (rest remaining time)

2 min – 30 Slam ball 15/9 kg (rest remaining time)

2 min – 1:50 Max Cal on rower


So you are working out for max Calories on the rower. The 30 slam ball and the 300 m run are there just to make you more tired. Once you get to the rower avoid going all out unless you are in your last round. This should be fun.



Warm up


10 deep side lunges with 3” pause at each side

20” active hang on pull up bar

10 Med ball Cluster


Strict pull up week 1/4

5 Rounds

5 strict pull up with 5” pause at bottom and 5” pause at top

(If 5 strict pull up with this tempo is easy, please keep 5 reps only and change tempo to 6” bottom and 6” top or 7” and 7”… and so on)

No pull ups yet –

5 rounds

5 x 5” hold on top + 1 negative pull up 3” count on way down


For time:

Buy in 60 box jump

4 Rounds

20 Thrusters 42,5/30

20 DB single arm hang clean and jerk 22,5/15 (alternate every 5 reps)

20 Min Cap

Gear 2 WOD

Eddie 13.08


Take it easy on the buy in as you want to finish the box jumps ready to start the 4 rounds, but make sure you get them done in 3 to 4 min.

Aim for 2 or 3 sets for the thrusters and for the DB ideally unbroken or with 1 break only.

Best WOD of the week




5 x 1 snatch power pull + 1 power snatch PL

4 x 1 hang power snatch + 1 hang snatch 70% max

4 x 1 snatch + 1 hang snatch 80% max



10 Hang snatch 50/35 kg

10 Wall ball cluster


15 Min Cap

Eddie 8.28


Ideally do the snatch in 1 or 2 sets and the wall ball clusters unbroken. Make sure you manage your time properly as you have just over 2 min per round and the wall ball cluster takes a lot longer to do than the regular wall ball.



Warm up


3 Strict press

3 Push press

3 Heave

3 Push Jerk

10 Gorilla squats


15 Min to find your 3 RM push Jerk



8 Kipping CTB

4 KB taters 24/16


4 KB taters


This WOD was a lot more spicy than we expected. For the ones that used to butterfly pull up this will be a good surprise. Kipping pull up is BACK and today is for everyone. Do the pull ups and HSPU unbroken and break only if you need in the last half of the WOD. If you break, make sure is not in more than 2 sets. Important detail is to get the Taters (who asked for them?) done straight away after the gymnastics movements.  It is just 4 reps so go for it. Richy loved this WOD.


Gear 2 WOD

Eddie 13.13

20 Min Cap






Sunday is the day to repeat you workouts from 6 months ago. This is the moment that will pay off for those of you that keep track of your scores and want to know how much you have improved in 6 months. Get ready for some good surprises.


4 Rounds

10 Deadlifts with fat grips (progress up to 55% of your RM, but you do not need to do all rounds at that)

2 KB TGU each arm

10 (or less) renegade row with DB

WOD RETEST from 19/11/2018


50 DU

15 Pull up

12 DB hang squat clean 22,5/15


18 Min TC