Warm up:


2 lengths inch worm

1 wall walk + 5 “ pause at nose and toes

20” active Hang + 2 strict pull up


HS week 2/8

5 x 30” HS hold against board + 10 HSPU


5 Rounds

Every 4 MIN:


In 2 min max burpee box jump over

Buy in:

15 wall ball 9/7

15 pull up


2 min Rest


Gear 3 WOD

Daine: 98 Reps


Although this is 5 sprints there should be some management on the first 2 rounds. You want to go fast but you do not want to compromise your next 3 rounds. 2 min rest will feel like nothing in this workout. For the wall balls and pull ups makes sure you are working with movements and reps that you can do in one go. This should be close to 60” for WB and pull ups and 60” for the burpee box jump over. The total reps of the burpee box jump over in the end of the 5 rounds will be your score.

I almost liked this one.



Warm up:

4 min practice DU

30” on

30” off


45” thoracic drill on roller

45” shoulder open drill on wall

5 OHS with 3” pause at bottom

Strength / Skill:

OHS (to find 1 RM in end of week 4 )

2 x 10

2 x 5

2 x 3



25 DU

10 DB hang clean and Jerk 22,5/15 (5 with R arm + 5 L arm) 22,5/15

25 DU

10 DB OH lunge


Gear 2 WOD

Nadia 8.55 @ 20 kg DB

15 Min TC


For the DU use a number that you know you are not going to fail and always unbroken.

Adapt to singles if needed.

The DB hang clean and Jerk is with 1 DB only and you complete 5 reps with one arm and then 5 with the other . OH lunge is alternating hands and you can swap the arm each round or not.

This was the last time Nadia will join the coaches as she takes the fun out of it…




Ring MU week 2/4



  • Jumping Ring MU

followed by

4 sets: 1 jumping Ring MU + 1( 2,3,4… depending on the level) negative ring MU


Every 2 Min for 16 Min

2 min : In 1.30 max Calories

2 min : In 1.30 max snatch 42,5


Gear 2 WOD.

The rest can be misleading so don’t blast off on the snatch or on the cals. The load for snatch should be a load you can cycle, however doing Snatch TG for 1 min + will create a lot of fatigue so think about doing sets of x amount of reps in the 90” window


Have fun



Warm up


5 strict press

5 push press

5 push jerk

5 push ups with 3” pause at top and 3 “ pause at bottom


Push Jerk

week 1/4

2 x 8

2 x 6

2 x 4

All 6  sets SS

6 Barbell ab roll out


CrossFit Hammersmith

12 Min AMRAP

10 Single arm KB swing 24/16

10 alt KB snatch 24/16

10 HR push up


Gear 2 WOD

Eddie 10+17


Make sure you go a bit slower than what you are able in the first 3 min or so. Your technique has to be at its best as this WOD may cause some stress on the lower back.  You don’t want to swing or snatch with poor technique. Push this workout more towards the end if you are feeling good.

The single arm swing feels a lot heavier than it sounds…


CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush running workout

14 Min AMRAP

12 KB swing 24/16

6 HR push up

100 m run

12 slam ball 15/9

6 HR push up

100 m run


Long round with push ups, slam ball, run and swings … make sure you keep the rest in between movements at a minimum and pace that 100 m run if needed. If you are starting to feel better with the run try and give it a push today. The HR push up are just 6 so no need to get stuck at any moment of this WOD.

Have fun




Clean and Jerk

5 x 1 power clean + 1 Clean + 2 Jerk (light)

5 x 1 Hang clean + 2 jerk (70%)

4 x 2 Clean with 2” pause at the knee + 1 Jerk (80%)



10 power clean 60/42.5


7 Thrusters


Eddie: 8.43

TC 14 minutes


Do the cleans in 3 sets of fast singles in order to keep your heart rate low. For the TTB and thrusters you should aim for unbroken reps. Rest a little in between movements keeping an eye on the clock as you should be on a 2 min per round workout…

have fun






Sunday is the day to repeat you workouts from 6 months ago. This is the moment that will pay off for those of you that keep track of your scores and want to know how much you have improved in 6 months. Get ready for some good surprises.


5 Rounds

10 bent over row with Fat Grips

15 Tricep extension with Band

60 “ plank ( 30 “ L leg + R arm off floor , 30” R leg + L arm off floor )

WOD: – Repeat from 29th June 2018

12 Min AMRAP

12 thruster 50/35

12 TTB


(you can thank Jon Clark for this one)