Warm up:


20/20/10/10 hollow and superman

10 Slow scapular shrug Hanging on pull up bar + 10” active hang

10 Med ball cleans


Strict Pull up week 2/4

5 Rounds

20” active hang + Max strict pull up unbroken


If no strict pull up please complete:

5 rounds

10” hold with chin on top of the bar

immediately followed by

Max pulls under a bar unbroken


CrossFit Hammersmith

15 Min AMRAP


8 STOH 50/35

8 Slam Ball 30/15 kg


Gear 2 WOD

Take it easy on the first rounds and aim to do all movements unbroken. Small rest in between movements as it is a long WOD with small number of reps. For the TTB break in 2 sets if needed but no more than that.

Have fun


CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush

5 Rounds for max Reps

Min 1 – 45” Max row Cal

Min 2 – 45” Max TTB

Min 3 – 45” Max SDHP 42,5 / 30


Gear 2 WOD

Careful with the row as its 45” of max effort but followed with a gymnastics skill so you don’t want to be fatigued. For the SDHP aim for a load that you can keep moving or break in sets of 8 or 10 reps.

Have fun



Warm up:


2 lengths duck walk

6 alt hang DB cluster (light DB)

10 gorilla squat 2” pause on bottom and on top

Strength / Skill:

Front Squat week 2/6

1 x 3 @ 80%

3 x 3 @85%

1 x 3 90%


CrossFit Hammersmith

12 Min AMRAP

8 ring dip

10 alt single arm hang DB cluster 22,5/15

30 DU


Gear 2 WOD


Antonio: 7+28


Set a nice pace for this one and keep it until the end of the WOD. Nothing should get you stuck here, however if you need to break the ring dips in 2 sets that is fine. The hang cluster is not that bad as its 1 DB only so push it and make sure you do the 10 reps in one go. The DU in one go as well and little rest in between movements.

I loved this one


CrossFit Shepherd’s Bush

12 Min AMRAP

50 Meter Sprint

10 alt single arm hang DB cluster 22,5/15

30 DU


Gear 2 WOD


Today the running gets shorter and intensity gets higher. See how the 50 m sprint affects your overall capacity on the workout and make sure that when you are back you can pick up the DB straight away.

This should be fun



Warm up

2 RNFT (empty bar)

5 strict press

5 push press

5 Thruster

45” shoulder open drill against wall


Push Press week 1/4

(to find 5 RM in week 4)

5 x 3 Push press (not AHAP, max load on bar 85% of 1 RM)


5 rounds

Every 4 min

2 min to find max box jump over

buy in:


12 alt KB snatch 24/16

2 min Rest


Eddie: 192

Gear 3 WOD

Make sure you have a set up on the buy in that does not get you stuck. Ideally you want the 12 + 12 done by 1 min mark or just a bit over that.  After that keep moving on the box jump over.

If you need to step up in order to stay safe that is fine however the prescribed is jump.

Fofis loved this one




Clean and Jerk

5 x 2 muscle clean + 2 Jerk from toes (bar pressed up to eye level) PL

5 x 2 Jerk from Rack PL

5 x 1 power clean + 1 Clean 80 to 85%



10 power clean 80/55

20 burpee

30 wall ball 9/7

Gear 1 / 2 WOD


Aim to do the cleans in fast singles and make sure you are not using a load that could make you fail even under fatigue. For the burpees go slower than usual, 20 is a big number even more with 30 wall balls after. For the WB break in 2 sets if needed. Catch your breath in between movements however keep an eye on the clock as you have 5 min Per round. Have fun


Fofis 11:54



Handstand week 6/8

with a deficit (25 or + on top of the 15 kg plates that level with ab mat)

5 rounds

Kick up + 20” HS hold + 5 HSPU


10 Min AMRAP

1 Snatch 42,5/30


1 pull up








Gear 2 WOD

Start easier than what you think. Remember that soon you will have accumulated a lot of reps and you will be on rounds with bigger numbers faster than what you expect. Once the numbers start to get bigger aim to break the pull ups in 2 sets and same for the snatches. The expectation here is to do always the OHS in one go.


Have fun







4 Rounds

12 barbell bicep curls

12 skull crusher with DBs

12 frontal raise + lateral raise (1 front + 1 lat … 12 reps in total )


WOD RETEST from 30/12/2018


20 Thrusters 42,5/30

10 devils press 15/10

20 pull up

10 DB down up


24 min Cap

Daine: 16 min