Alexey’s Journey With Tribe

Joining a gym can be a daunting decision, especially for someone like Alexey, who hadn’t exercised regularly for years. Twelve months ago, Alexey stood at the doors of Tribe Hammersmith, a newcomer with no expectations but a burning desire for change. Like many, Alexey’s journey began with a simple goal – to reclaim the health and vitality he once had. Little did he know, Tribe would become the spark he needed to ignite his flame.

Join us as we delve into Alexey’s journey with Tribe as he shares in his own words his experience, highlighting the positive impact Tribe has had on his life.

What was your goal when you first started and how have you made progress toward that? 

My initial goal was simply to become healthier and perhaps fitter overall however, it became evident, with the guidance of one of the coaches (though I can’t recall exactly who), that I needed to set measurable and unambiguous goals. 

After some time, I set my initial goal to regain the physical abilities I had at the age of 18. With incredible support from all the Tribe coaches, I achieved this relatively quickly. 

Currently, my next target is to perform workouts with RX weights/volumes, although I acknowledge that I still have a long way to go. Subsequently, I decided to increase the frequency of my training sessions.

In what way has Tribe supported you in achieving your goals? 

Besides the obvious support from coaches, who assist with everything from technique refinement to selecting appropriate weights, I’ve received tremendous support from other members as well. 

Personally, I find it challenging to push myself when working out alone. Often, when I review the WOD program, I wonder if it’s even possible. However, witnessing others completing the same workouts and persevering through pain and fatigue motivates me to work harder. 

This supportive environment fosters healthy competition, with everyone genuinely celebrating each other’s milestones, whether it’s achieving a first muscle-up or setting a new PR in deadlift. 

As we know “Hard work pays off.” Consistency and hard work are essential for achieving any athletic goal.

Have you faced any particular challenges along the way? 

I have faced a lot of challenges with almost any exercise. It is related to my mobility issues or just overall clumsiness.

What I appreciate most about Tribe is the opportunity to work with different coaches on different days, each offering their own unique “secrets” and drills to address specific issues. While some methods may be less effective for me, I’ve never been stuck on a particular issue for long because I can learn from the diverse expertise within the Tribe team.

Tell us about any BRIGHTSPOTS that stand out to you in your time at Tribe

That is a really hard question. Personally, I feel a sense of pride when I’m able to pace myself during a WOD, especially longer ones, in a way that allows me to give my all without burning out halfway through. While this accomplishment may not always be visible to others, my primary motivation is to compete with myself and continually improve.

What are your future goals?

My goal is straightforward: I aim to perform all WODs with RX weights/volumes. Currently, I’m still scaling workouts.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining Tribe?

My advice would depend on the reasons behind their hesitation. 

If they’re in a situation similar to mine twelve months ago, I would simply say, “Just do it. The benefits you’ll gain from these sessions are worth every minute you spend at Tribe.”

I had the opportunity to compare Tribe with another CrossFit gym while traveling to Australia. What sets Tribe apart is the attention given to every member, especially newcomers. I didn’t fully appreciate this until my trip to Melbourne. The level of support and assistance from coaches and fellow members at Tribe is unparalleled. I now value every minute and every word of encouragement I receive from the Tribe community. It’s almost like having a personal training session during every class.

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